Training Programs

Halo Orthotic and Prosthetic Exports offers well-balanced learning opportunities at several Colleges & Universities.

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Rehabilitation Centers

Located in Established Orthotic and Prosthetic clinics in existing hospitals with state-of-the-art Laboratories.

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The Problem & The Solution

The Problem

Many Countries are affected by wars and internal conflicts and the ones who suffer are it’s citizens. The results are innocent people become amputees because of these wars, land mines and unexploded ordnance. In addition industrial accidents, birth defects and disease also take their toll.

Being an amputee has a very different connotation than it has in developed areas of the world. Most are not wheelchair friendly and becoming disable is a serious setback.

It means a total loss of mobility; you’ve lost your future and no way to get around. The survivors cannot support themselves and their families. Most children lose access to education.

The result is amputees are immobile and without HOPE.

homepagephotosmOur Mission

The transfer of knowledge and know-how in orthopedic and prosthetic technology to the young from emerging market countries.

Our goal of helping governments restore mobility for people with disabilities, and protect what mobility they have has no boarders or boundaries.

Our solutions range from complete clinical facilities implementation and management, training and continuing education and support services. Our company is ideally positioned and capable of offering its customers a virtually unprecedented wide range of products, perfectly harmonized system solutions and extensive services.

Our success is measured by the degree to which we improve mobility, independence and quality of everyday life throughout the world.


About Our Name

As our slogan states, “Helping those so they can help themselves.”

Yes we provide training, complete clinical setup and fabrication support.

What we really provide for those who are amputees and disabled is HOPE.

We believe in Health Care for All.

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