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worldwide2Deciding how to invest in medical technology especially building full service orthotic and prosthetic clinics and providing patient services, it is important to choose the right business partners for your health care program.

We deliver financing solutions designed to support your investments both now and in the future. Our end-to-end affordable and competitive financing solutions can support you to:

  • Make the most of innovation and optimise technology lifecycles
  • Bring your technology investments forward to accelerate competitive advantage and provide the best orthotic and prosthetic services in your region.
  • Spread your total costs over time with a single solution which includes technology, installation and maintenance costs, while avoiding a large cash investment.
  • Protect your current capital and cash flow, with predicitable payment schedules which alleviate budget pressures

Find out more about Halo Orthotic Prosthetic Exports financing plans and how we can help you achieve your orthotic and prosthetic goals of modern clinics, training and support providing the best high quality care for all patients.

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As our slogan states, “Helping those so they can help themselves.”

Yes we provide training, complete clinical setup and fabrication support.

What we really provide for those who are amputees and disabled is HOPE.

We believe in Health Care for All.

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