Orthotics & Prosthetics Training Programs
training-programsWe want your best and brightest students for training and mentorship. After their residency program, trainees will be ready to be placed in your modern clinics. Our goal is to provide a strong foundation of training to mobilize future orthotic and prosthetic professionals that can provide many years of patient care and technicians capable of providing high quality, state of the art orthotic and prosthetic devices.

Halo Orthotic and Prosthetic Exports offers well-balanced learning opportunities at several Colleges and Universities with three month hands-on clinical rotations at our labs developing advanced technical skills. All training is performed by American Board Certified (ABC) and/or Board of Certification/Accreditation, International (BOC) instructors and facilities.

Through our training programs we sponsor scholarships for orthotic and prosthetic students. Our immigration lawyers handle all the necessary paperwork for student visas or exchange visitor visas and permits. Our staff handles all the College and University admission requirements such as the form I-20, proof of financial support and SEVIS Department of States visa application and fee.

We provide housing, food and transportation so students only need to bring their clothes.

After the completion of a formal training program, students will participate in their home Countries using e-learning. This technology will enhance, enrich and extend the learning experience. We use virtual demonstrations to teach continuing education classes and keep students current with new health care services and orthotic and prosthetic technologies.

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About Our Name

As our slogan states, “Helping those so they can help themselves.”

Yes we provide training, complete clinical setup and fabrication support.

What we really provide for those who are amputees and disabled is HOPE.

We believe in Health Care for All.

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